Want HUGE mixes that sound full and well balanced? Send in your raw tracks to turn them into professional, polished recordings.


Have your mixes professionally mastered to ensure that they have a great presence and sonic depth that translates well onto all listening systems and environments.


Capture your recordings in confidence with our quality gear selection and years of knowledge to get that PRO sound right at the source. From tracking big, live drums to in-your-face vocals, we pride ourselves on the ability to achieve fantastic sounding raw tracks during the production phase.

Music videos

We will shoot your music video as long as its within the Chicagoland area

Venue Planning 

This process includes considering factors like size, location, amenities, accessibility, and cost to ensure the venue meets the specific needs of the event.

Event Planning 

This includes tasks such as setting objectives, budgeting, scheduling, selecting vendors, arranging entertainment, and managing logistics to ensure the event runs smoothly and achieves its goals.